Why LinkedIn?

If Facebook has 900 million people and LinkedIn only has 200 million people, then…

Why bother with LinkedIn at all?

LinkedIn is the most popular Social Media tool used by today’s business professionals.
Many professional and businesses are still not convinced of the usefulness of LinkedIn for them or their business.
Because of this you can still be an early adopter and dominate LinkedIn for your personal branding and business.
You have probably heard that consumers trust information received from Social Media sites more than from traditional sources.
According to Blue Rise Media, LinkedIn has been found being the leader in consumer trust; being trusted by 82% of consumers, whereas, Facebook sits at 23% trust level among consumers and Twitter at 28%.
The following LinkedIn stats are impressive and will provide you with an idea of just how popular LinkedIn has become and why it can be a powerful tool for a business or a professional:


Of these members, 47.2% members are from North America and 23% from Europe.
There are 44 million US and 4 million Canadian users. India has the 2nd highest number of LinkedIn users after the United States.
LinkedIn stats also show that 59% of users are male and 41% are female.
Of these users 21% are between the ages of 18 – 24, 36% are between the ages of 25 – 34, 36% are between the ages of 35 – 54 and 7% are 54 and over.

If you are looking for a free way to connect with your target prospects, LinkedIn is a great way of doing it. Unfortunately, it can be a long process to find out how to stand out and use the most powerful tactics to get sales from LinkedIn.
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