LinkedIn Profile Tips For Professionals And Business Owners

You might be here because of several reasons:

 • Maybe you are tired of you current job;

• You’re out of a job;

• Your company is shutting down or downsizing;

• You need more customers or leads;

• You just would like to find some new business opportunities;


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Regardless of you’re reason, you’ve absolutely made the right choice!


LinkedIn is absolutely the best tool to use for any or all of those reasons. The real problem is that strategies and tactics will differ for you to get the results YOU want. 
I want you to get excited because there are unique and extremely valuable opportunities right here in this email just for YOU. 


There are three big tips contained here.

So take a moment and read this page very carefully to be sure you don’t miss a single tip.

Super-Valuable Tip #1

Join our LinkedIn Group and Facebook Group

One huge benefit of joining our LinkedIn and Facebook Groups, is that you can ask your own questions and get answers from other LinkedIn Focus members that have already implemented some of my strategies.

You’ll also be able to talk with me, Nile Nickel the “Chief LinkedIn Expert.”

Think of this as free LinkedIn Consulting.


Super-Valuable Tip #2

Connect with LinkedIn Superconnectors (LISC’s)


I’m a superconnector. I know a very large number of people, and I work hard to introduce the right ones to each other.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book: “The Tipping Point,”

he defines “connectors” as “the people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions.”

I’m THAT person. By connecting with me, you can give your own profile a boost!


You may not know, I am a telecommunications expert and my profile shows it.  I’ve used my LinkedIn expertise to connect with over 20% of my market. 

I’m not telling you this to brag, I mention it so you know exactly why this is valuable for YOU.


I want to help you create A LOT of really terrific connections on LinkedIn.

I’m willing to open my network and invite you to connect with me – to access my contacts!  

Since I’m one of the top LinkedIn Super Connectors, by connecting with me, YOU get the ability to have millions of 2nd and 3rd level connections!


Just sign up for some unbelievable FREE LinkedIn Tips and I’ll send you a link to connect with me.  You can do this by adding your name and email to the box on the top left corner of this page.

Keep in mind…

This a limited time offer. bizman_stop

Not because I say so, but because LinkedIn says so.

LinkedIn limits the number of connections any individual may have to 30,000 and I’m very close to the limit.

So connect with me now while there’s still time.


Super-Valuable Tip #3

Join LinkedIn Groups


So where do you start? The best place is by join my LinkedIn Group.

This is really simple and you’ll get huge benefits from joining our LinkedIn Group (on LinkedIn).

Once again, just sign up with your name and email on this page and I’ll send you some great weekly tips along with my Group Names on Facebook and LinkedIn!