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Professional LinkedIn Profile Copywriting

“Regardless Of Whether You’re A LinkedIn Power User, Just Getting Started, Or Have NO Earthly Idea How Build A Powerful, Magnetic LinkedIn Page To Help You Get Your First Paying Client!”     Coaching from Beautiful West Central Florida on Wednesday, 11:27 a.m. From the Desk of Nile Nickel       Dear friend, Over…

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About Us

Nile Nickel is a self-made time tested LinkedIn Expert. He attended Business School at St. Petersburg’s Eckerd College, and has incorporated his love for technology into all of his businesses.   Mr. Nickel is currently the President and CEO of Balance Engines LLC, Small Change LLC, and Revenue Assurance Holdings LLC. His interest in telecommunications…

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LinkedIn Background Image Dimensions

Get LinkedIn’s Exact Profile Background Image Dimensions below… Have you created your own custom background image for your LinkedIn Profile? If not, you don’t want to waste this great opportunity for brand building and displaying your very own marketing messages. Here’s the trick though: People will see a slightly different version of your background image,…

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Lori Saitz

“It was like some one turned on a light in a dark room.”

I didn’t know about the incredible power of LinkedIn and how easy it is to generate sales effortlessly.

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“I received over 1100% increase in new contacts, 3 days after Nile helped me”

I have a great service to offer, but I just needed a chance…a chance to get in front of my target audience.

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…not using Nile’s advice can cause undue harm to your business.

When it comes to using LinkedIn to market and grow a business, or to make and enhance valuable relationships, Nile Nickel is the undisputed ‘go-to authority’

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Mike Mccormick

Thanks to Nile, I now really understand how LinkedIn can be used for prospecting and lead generation

Taking precious time out of my day to figure out how to use LinkedIn on my own, is just not smart

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“I am now being found by my target prospects!”

I am now being found by my target prospects!

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2014 LinkedIn Changes FREE Video Training

Click the link below and watch as Nile Nickel takes you through some of the most important changes LinkedIn has made in 2014.

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Nile Interviews Nick Rosener

Here’s a great free resource for you. Listen to my interview of Nick Rosener on Social Media Business Hour. Nick is the coauthor of  the book “Shout In The Right Direction: Target Your Audience and Amplify Your Voice on the Web.” The book presents a “More Focus, Less Noise way of thinking about your marketing.”…

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